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This Diwali, Homemade Snacks Come Professionall...

In the cultural bastion of Pune, 'Mobile cooks' are ensuing the Diwali Faraal stay authentic

Gourmet Gifts To Delight Your Loved Ones This D...

Looking for gifting ideas for the festive season? Here are four exquisite, made in India gourmet gifts.  

7 Diwali Gifts To Light Up Your Kitchen

A new addition to your loved ones’ kitchenware

Festive Treats You Can Cook With Kids

These quick, yummy recipes will keep your younglings busy and happy

Festive Treats that Love You Back

A Diwali without Indian sweets!!! We wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Here’s how you can eat, drink, and still shrink.

From Shufta to Sael Roti: 9 Little-Known Treats...

Diwali is infectious, and we’ve been infected! We’re bringing the spotlight back on traditional sweets--recipes that have been handed down several generations and which often celebrate the local produce of different regions. Scroll down for some sweet surprises.

  • Dates Halwa

    Here is a recipe of halwa made with dates.


    Living Foodz Recipes
  • Kaju Katli

    Cashew nut-and-sugar diamonds - India’s all-time favourite sweetmeat.


    Ripudaman Handa
  • Lapsi Bars

    Thinking of a sweetmeat to prepare for an auspicious occasion? Give the...


    Ranveer Brar
  • Banana Chocolate Waffle

    Waflles, crispy on outside and soft inside, are everyone’s favourite. Try...


    Ranveer Brar
  • Sweet Pea Soup with Yogurt and Pine Nuts

    A power-house of nutrients. Try this soup recipe made with green peas and...


    Living Foodz Recipes
  • Sali Par Edu

    This traditional Parsi dish, Sali Par Edu is extremely tasty, flavoursome...


    Emanual Chauhan

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    Watch this space for more news.

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