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Review: Canto is the Friendly Neighbourhood Caf...

An all-day diner-cum-café turns into a fun bar by night. 

7 Home Remedies for a Pest-free Kitchen

Keep the pesky, unwanted guests away with these non-toxic kitchen solutions

5 Vegan Smoothies That Are As Good As a Meal

Vegan nutritionist Bhavna Kapoor shares recipes that power her day.

7 Spices From Across The Globe That We Love

As much as we love our Indian spices, flavours from across the world are finding a way as well. More and more restaurants are leaning on these global spices to lure our taste buds. Here are the upcoming spice heroes.

Avolatte: Fancy a Latte in an Avocado?

Serving lattes in avocados is the new food debate of the year. Choose your side


Why Healthy Is Not Always A Good Thing

Healthy food items may not necessarily be so. Read on to know why

  • Bajra Upma

    Bajra upma, a good option for diabetic patients


    Ranveer Brar
  • Baked Beans Wrap

    Baked beans cooked with some vegetables and wrapped in tortillas makes for...


    Aditi Govitrikar
  • Cucumber Pani Puri

    This is a lip-smacking snack for summers. Delightful puris served with...


    Gurdip Kohli Punj
  • Onion Ring with Coconut Chutney

    Crispy and bite-sized onion rings, together with a spicy and flavourful...


    Living Foodz Recipes
  • Soyabean Manchurian

    Here is a protein-rich recipe of soyabean manchurian; shallow-fried soya...


    Gurdip Kohli Punj
  • Three Bean Salad

    A colourful, refreshing quintessential salad rich in protein and easy to...


    Ripudaman Handa

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