Posted on Tue 17 Oct 17


Gourmet Gifts To Delight Your Loved Ones This Diwali

If you are looking for gifting ideas that are decadent yet offbeat, here are ideas that will wow anyone! 

Fabelle – Exquisite Chocolate Bouquets

Thinking of chocolates? It doesn’t get much better than Fabelle’s decadent range made with single origin cocoa. Take your pick from handcrafted pralines and single origin dark chocolate bars, all made without any preservatives. Available at Fabelle Chocolate Boutiques at select ITC Luxury Hotels across India, you can choose from six festive hampers for this Diwali season starting from Rs 2,400 to Rs 25,000, inclusive of taxes.



The Gourmet Jar – Delicious Condiments

God lies in details. And when it comes to a fine meal, condiments like jams, mustards, relishes and infused honeys can take the humblest of ingredients to exquisite levels. The Gourmet Jar steps in with preserves and spreads made with organic and natural ingredients, minimal sugar, no preservatives and oodles of creativity. Some of their bestsellers include the Orange Whiskey Marmalade, Banana Rum Jam, Mango Jalapeno Preserve, Orange Mustard and Spicy Onion Relish. You can get custom-packed gift boxes in the range of Rs 350 – Rs 1,600.



Artisan Palate – Salts and Sugars

Himalayan Pink salt as gourmet gift? Artisan Palate presents a unique selection of flavours – right varieties of all natural salts and sugar; with flavours such as Lemon lime chilly garlic, Italian herb with Aged Balsamic Vinegar and Lemon Black pepper. The others include flavours of Demerara sugar—Citrus and Mint, Cinnamon Vanilla Espresso and Dark Chocolate and Chilly Chocolate, among others. Pretty hampers for Diwali range from Rs 650 for any three to Rs 1,100 for a set of five.



Marlenka – Armenian Honey Cakes

The Fine Food Cellar is introducing the evolving Indian palate to the world’s unique food treasures. Marlenka, sweet honey cakes are baked with a centuries old Armenian family recipe at a single factory in the Czech Republic. Available in 3 flavours - Lemon, Cocoa and Walnut, they are enriched with the goodness of honey. Due to the baking technique and special packaging the storage life is rather long - refrigerated it is 8 months and 2 years when frozen - which allows the cakes to travel all over the world. Marlenka offers individual on-the-go 100g cakes, nuggets or cake pops for sharing with your loved ones, and 800g celebration cakes for special occasions. Marlenka also makes Gluten Free Honey Walnut cakes. Price ranges from Rs 360 to Rs 2,100.





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