Epicurean Guild Awards Celebrates the Finest of Fine-Dining

Here's great news for foodies! Living Foodz presents the Epicurean Guild Awards to honour the best among the top fine-dining restaurants in three cities--Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. These cities were chosen for the first edition of the awards owing to the vibrant culinary landscape they provide to connoisseurs and the curious foodies.  

The restaurants that have made the cut after a detailed and deep study of the fine-dining space in the three cities, are known for their progressive and innovative cuisines that have put India on the world gourmet map. They've created new concepts with great attention to detail, revived cooking techniques while maintaining a high standard for quality of food and service, and continue to wow guests by providing an exquisite dining experience.



How We Got Here:


The FLAME Philosophy

The FLAME signifies power; it embodies the fire that drives all life force. Coming closer home, not only is it integral to our kitchen, but tastes, flavours and textures are functions of a slow, medium or high flame.

Living Foodz Epicurean Guild Awards has adopted the FLAME as a symbol to honour the relentless driving force that creates exemplary culinary experiences. It indicates the scale of excellence offered by a fine-dining destination.

Award Categories

The process for all awards are validated by KPMG (except LF People's Choice Award)

  • Best Asian Restaurant
  • Best Global Restaurant
  • Best Italian Restaurant
  • Best Multi-Cuisine Restaurant
  • Best Indian Restaurant
  • Best Seafood Restaurant (Only Mumbai)
  • Best Nightlife- Clubs / Pubs / Lounges


  • The LF Iconic Award - From among all the winners in each city, only one exceptional restaurant takes home the coveted trophy with 3 Flames. 
  • LF Popular Choice Award 





Our jury is an eclectic mix of influencers and leaders from various fields. Their love for food and appreciation for the finer things in life have come to define the new paradigm in India's gourmet culture. From the founders of Delhi's Palate Fest, award-winning chefs who have created a niche in Mumbai's culinary space and to writers who have chronicled Bangalore's ever evolving food scene, here's introducing our jury:


Bhaichand Patel

Author and avid traveler, Bhaichand Patel is passionate about food and films in equal measure. He has authored several books including Happy Hours: The Penguin Book of Cocktails 

Aditi Kapoor

Co-Founder and Joint Managing Director of Palate Fest, Aditi is an art connoisseur and discerning gourmand.

Ruchi Sibal

A luminary in the food industry, Ruchi Sibal co-founded 
Palate Fest. She had earlier collaborated with the 
Creative Services Group which organised events with Michelin-starred chefs to help charities.  



Shibani Bawa

A lifestyle journalist and blogger, Shibani loves writing as much as sampling the menu of the newest restaurant in town.


Magandeep Singh

A writer and sommelier, Magandeep is also a fitness enthusiast and an expert on all things related to the good life.

Osama Jalali

As the founder of the quintessential Mughlai restaurant The Masala Trail, Jalali is a die-hard traditionalist who is on a quest to revive lost recipes.  



Clinton Cerejo

Known for his soulful compositions, music producer and singer Clinton Cerejo is also partial to food - from home-cooked meals to local delicacies and chef specials.  

Rakhee Vaswani

Certified as a Cordon Bleu chef, Rakhee Vaswani is a multi-faceted food enthusiast who cooks, blogs, hosts shows and is applauded for establishing the first cooking studio in India, Palate Culinary Studio.

Ajay Chopra

An award-winning chef, Ajay is best known for his innovative take on modern Indian cuisine. He took his passion forward by establishing Zion Hospitality Pvt Ltd to guide restaurateurs and catering companies to create menu and culinary concepts.

Kalyan Karmakar

As an avid blogger and serial columnist, Kalyan Karmakar is an expert on all things food. From recipes, reviews and food stories, his blog – Finely Chopped – will give your mind much to chew on.

Nicole Mody

Eminent food critic and author of Flavours of Kala Ghoda, Nicole Mody always has the last word when it comes to eating out in Mumbai.



Prasad Bidappa

Prasad Bidappa is synonymous with Bengaluru’s eclectic fashion scene. A designer, stylist and fashion choreographer, he is also a food enthusiast who swears by a gourmet meal experience.

Suman Bolar

As a communications consultant and food writer who is best known for creating FoodTravelBlog,in, Suman also helps run a school and is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness. 

Hemamalini Maiya

The scion of the 90-year-old MTR group in Bengaluru, Hemamalini spearheads the family-run business. With business and food in her DNA, she is a name to be reckoned with in the city. 



Ruth D’Souza Prabhu

A writer, wine lover and gourmand, Ruth started the popular blog, Bangalore’s Restaurants that features in-depth reviews of fine dine restaurants and hole-in-the-wall eateries.

Juliana Lazarus

A journalist and Professor who heads the Department of Journalism in Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru. Juliana’s relentless quest to find, write and share the next big story has also rendered her a curious foodie.