An Un-Xpected, Xciting, Xplosive journey of the adventurous and mischievous duo Rocky and Mayur. The awesome twosome get on the trail of an exciting and incredible journey to discover India’s spiciest, most exotic and most expensive food.


Unique and Extravagant Foods Coated in Gold and Saffron

In the hunt for the most expensive food that money can buy in India, Rocky and Mayur go to Gurgaon where they try the golden dessert--Chocolate Marquise, which sells at Rs 10,000 per kilo. Next, in Goa, they relish Saffron Risotto Lobster. The saffron has been sourced from Kashmir, while the delicate and expensive Lobsters are locally procured at Rs 1500 per kilo. Then it's time for Couple Paan in Aurangabad that sells for a whooping Rs 5,000 per pair, and is a favourite at weddings.

India's Most Expensive Foods

Get on board as Rocky and Mayur get broke while discovering the most expensive food that you can lay your hands on in India. First, the duo try something glittery at Delhi--Gold Varq. Next, it's time to bite into a little fungus in Shimla. The rare Morel Mushrooms are found only here and are so expensive that it is locally called Gucci. Lastly, it's time for something smelly. It's gourmet Pecorino Cheese that it produced in Pune. May you be blessed with deep pockets!

One Dish Wonder Restaurants of India

Rocky and Mayur travel to different cities and visit restaurants that are famous for and serve only one dish. In Delhi, they try the light, creamy and frothy Daulat ki Chaat that used to be the chaat for the rich during the Mughal period and is still popular. Then, the duo head to Ustad Tea Point near Jama Masjid where teas are customised as per the customer's request, their USP is the addition of foam to every glass. Next stop: Lucknow, where Rocky and Mayur try the century-old Raja Thandai which may have innumerable ingredients going into it, but is light and easy to glug down. Finally, the duo heads to Mumbai where they try different types of Pav Bhaji at Sardar Pav Bhaji Restaurant, which has been running since 1966.

Food Express With Rocky & Mayur: Show Promo

Get ready to venture on an Un-Xpected, Xciting, Xplosive food journey with the adventurous and mischievous duo-- Rocky and Mayur. On Food Xpress, the awesome twosome get on the trail to discover the most exciting, spiciest, most exotic and expensive food in India.

The Tastiest and Smelliest Delicacies of the Far East

Rocky and Mayur explore the cities of the East, where the very aroma of certain foods quite literally brings tears to their eyes! From bamboo shoots to the smelliest fermented fish imaginable, you will find an array of dishes that will test the breaking point of their taste buds. With teary eyes and overwhelmed taste buds, they move to the edge of India to test their palate. Though, you might want to plan an escape before you smell the main ingredient. It lingers on for nearly a week after it’s been cooked! Carry lots of mint!

India's Most Exotic Food

Our adventurous chefs try out some exotic food from Nagaland, tasting ingredients that will definitely make you sit up and take note! The duo also visits Kolkata to savour some rare, home-style dishes.