An Un-Xpected, Xciting, Xplosive journey of the adventurous and mischievous duo Rocky and Mayur. The awesome twosome get on the trail of an exciting and incredible journey to discover India’s spiciest, most exotic and most expensive food.


Big Food!

This episode with Rocky and Mayur is all about massive servings! Watch the making of the largest mid-day meal scheme in the world at the Iskon Temple, Bengaluru, where food for 14 lakh students is prepared at Akshaya Patra. This tasty and hygienic food is then distributed to over 560 schools in the city. Next, the duo heads to the Delhi Baking Company in the JW Marriott to munch away at the tall dessert tower of colourful macaroons fit for a large party, before travelling to Hyderabad for a 70 mm Dosa at Blue Fox, Minerva Grand at Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad.

Extra Large Food in India

To all the foodies out there who love large hearty meals, we have an episode just for you. If you haven’t guessed it already, Rocky and Mayur set out to find the ‘biggest’ dish in India. They start with a massive Maida Paratha and Sooji Halwa on the streets of Jama Masjid, Delhi and then head to Pune where the big foodies take 25 minutes to finish the multiple-patty WTF Burger at The Burger Barn Cafe. Finally, for a delicious dessert, they make their way to Lala Maturam Halwai in Sonipat for the biggest and all-time favourite Jalebi.

Spiciest Foods of India

In this episode, take your taste buds on a fiery ride. From Chicken Vindaloo in Goa, to Bhut Jolokia in Kohima, to the long, spicy Gongura Mamsam Chilli in Hyderabad. Will Rocky and Mayur's taste buds survive the fiery onslaught? Find out here...

Spice Trails and More

In this episode, Rocky and Mayur and in search for the spiciest food in the country. First stop is Goa, where they savour the tangy yet spicy Prawn Balchao. Next stop is Pune where the duo test the spice quotient of Saoji cuisine. Lastly, in Bangalore, they try what only a few men have the courage to, Spicy Godavari Basin cuisine that has it's home in Andhra. From Mirapakaya Chicken/mutton, Bangaladumpa, Chamadumpa, Ghee Roast Lobster to Stuffed Karela--they taste it all and live to tell the tale!

Exotic Foods of India

Be ready to be shocked and awed as our hosts Rocky and Mayur start with something big--Emu Eggs in Pune. They then move on to something smelly--Phan Phyut, ie. Rotten Potato in Shillong, which they savour with Tung Ta or Dried Fish Sauce. Lastly, it's time for something prickly--Bichu Booti in Shimla.

Unique and Extravagant Foods Coated in Gold and Saffron

In the hunt for the most expensive food that money can buy in India, Rocky and Mayur go to Gurgaon where they try the golden dessert--Chocolate Marquise, which sells at Rs 10,000 per kilo. Next, in Goa, they relish Saffron Risotto Lobster. The saffron has been sourced from Kashmir, while the delicate and expensive Lobsters are locally procured at Rs 1500 per kilo. Then it's time for Couple Paan in Aurangabad that sells for a whooping Rs 5,000 per pair, and is a favourite at weddings.