Food Tripping will take you on a royal expedition to six palaces of Western India with two of the country’s most celebrated Chefs - Ranveer Brar and Gautam Mehrishi. The show offers a rare peek into the exquisite lifestyle and culinary indulgences of the erstwhile royal families of Balasinor, Gondal, Bhavnagar, Wadhvan, Chula and Sayla.


Food Tripping: Promo

Food Tripping: A Royal Beginning

Our chefs, Ranveer Brar and Gautam Mehrishi, start their journey in the royal train Maharaja's Express. They are welcomed in the Garden Palace of Balasinor, where they enjoy the royal feast comprising of 35 different dishes.

The Balasinor Inspiration

Our chefs visit the fossil park of Balasinor, which is the known as ‘India’s Jurassic Park’ where princess Alia of Balasinor shares the rich history of the place. Later, chef Ranveer Brar creates a dish inspired by his experiences in the dinosaur park.

A Day with the Balasinor Royals

While our chefs Ranveer Brar and Gautam Mehrishi were exploring the Balasinor, Prince Salauddin prepares a flavourful dish for the chefs. Later, chef Gautam Mehrishi creates a delectable dish that he names Shahi Mahi Chutney Bahar for the royals. Watch the episode for the recipe!

The Grandeur of Gondal

On a visit to the home of the erstwhile royals of Gondal, the chefs are taken on a tour of the vintage car collection of the royal family. They also visit the 59-year-old Bhardiya sweet mart, which is a must-visit for any traveller who is visiting this town. The chefs are treated to Gondal Chicken, a recipe developed by the queen of the Gondal royalty, which she cooks for the chefs.

The Queen's Kitchen

Chefs Ranveer Brar and Gautam Mehrishi pay a visit to the Old Palace Museum, to learn of the rich history of the erstwhile princely state of Gondal. Then, chef Ranveer Brar creates a wonderful dish using the queen's favourite ingredients.


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By Vinaya Dudhane,

Jul 31, 2017