Promo: The Great Indian Rasoi Season 2

The Great Indian Rasoi is the most authentic ‘on the road’ exploratory food show, and it is back in its second edition with the charismatic Ranveer Brar.

Relishing the Street Food of Banaras

Ranveer Brar takes us on a street food trail to taste the signature Banarasi Paan, the creamy Malayu, Daulat ki Chaat and much more.

Finding Food from Different Countries in Banaras

In this episode, Chef Ranveer Brar explores the influence of various cultures - from ancient India to Italy - on the food that one can find in the holy city of Banaras.

Cooking with Different Communities in Mumbai

This episode is dedicated to the diverse communities that are a part of Mumbai city. Chef Ranveer Brar explores food by cooking and feasting with Kolis, Parsis and Bohris.

Mumbai's Age-Old Iconic Restaurants

Chef Ranveer Brar makes a visit to Mumbai's most famous eateries that have people queuing up to relish a meal. This episode pays tribute to Madras Café, Bhagat Tarachand, The Taj Mahal Palace and the oldest Hindu meat eating community of the maximum city.

Delhi's Must-Visit Food Spots

Chef Ranveer Brar explores street food and popular little eateries of the Capital. From having a steaming cup of tea at Netaji chaiwallas to gorging on momos, he will entice you with food stories of Delhi.


*****,, Really like the great Indian Rasoi episodes. I am looking for the particular episode shot in Lucknow. Would be great if you can share the same at the earliest. Thanks, Nivedita.

By Nivedita paul ,

Feb 22, 2017

Plz upload the Lucknow episode

By ,

May 10, 2017