Treasures of Goa: Pickles from Off-beat Vegetables

Goans love their pickle. This community pickles several off-beat vegetables like Brinjal pickle and Bitter Gourd pickle.

Pickle Nation: Promo

Pickling Superfoods In The Holy City Of Benaras

In this episode, Chef Kunal travels to Benaras to gather recipes and stories of the superfood 'amla' or Indian gooseberry from homemakers in the city.

Sampling Pickles From A Bygone Era

In this episode, Chef Kunal Kapur travels to Rajasthan shares the historic 450-year-old Chana dal pickle and also learns to prepare a unique pickle made from besan called Besan ke Nimbu ka Achar.

Turning Up The Spice Quotient In Jodhpur

Chef Kunal Kapur reaches the blue city of Jodhpur where he prepares a pickle out of spicy chillies. The second pickle he discovers is made of Rajasthani's favourite Ker sangri (berry & bean).

Episode 4: Pickles from Hyderabad

It is the Holy month of Ramzan and the entire city of Hyderabad is in festive mood. At this opportune time, chef Kunal Kapur learns to prepare the Chilli Nimbu pickle and Mutton pickle from locals.


nice episode of Gujarati pickles. would love to see more

By Sangeeta Das,

Nov 27, 2016

We are bengalis from Delhi, so we get the ingredients from kolkata. For eg. a special kind of berry, Indian Olive & Elephant apple.

By Sangeeta Das,

Nov 27, 2016

This time my mother made 3 diff types of Jolpai (olive) pickle & a sweet chalta (elephant apple) pickle.

By Sangeeta Das,

Nov 27, 2016

Can you please upload episode number 14 (Mahali Pickle & Sundakkai Pickle -- Pickle Nation Chennai) ???

By ,

Mar 20, 2017