Pickles from Anglo-Indian Homes

This Anglo-Indian family in Kochi treats our chef with their family pickles--Sardine Fish pickle and Date and Chilli pickle.

The Tongue-tickling Flavours of Assam

Chef Kunal Kapur's childhood dream of visiting the eastern states has comes true. From local residents who have mastered the craft over the years, he learns how to make Au Tenga pickle which is made from elephant apple fruit and Bhoot Jholakia pickle made from the spiciest variant of chilli, also known as Ghost chillies.

North East Wonders: Pickles from Meghalaya and Nagaland

After Assam, chef Kunal Kapur visits Meghalaya and Nagaland, where he discovers two new pickles- Bamboo pickle and Akuni (fermented Soybean) pickle. Get the recipes here!

Pickles from Goa

Sun, sand...and pickles! Chef Kunal Kapur discovers the rich culinary history of pickle making in this beautiful state. In this episode, watch him make Fish Para pickle and Tendli (Kundru) pickle.

Treasures of Goa: Pickles from Off-beat Vegetables

Goans love their pickle. This community pickles several off-beat vegetables like Brinjal pickle and Bitter Gourd pickle.

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nice episode of Gujarati pickles. would love to see more

By Sangeeta Das,

Nov 27, 2016

We are bengalis from Delhi, so we get the ingredients from kolkata. For eg. a special kind of berry, Indian Olive & Elephant apple.

By Sangeeta Das,

Nov 27, 2016

This time my mother made 3 diff types of Jolpai (olive) pickle & a sweet chalta (elephant apple) pickle.

By Sangeeta Das,

Nov 27, 2016

Can you please upload episode number 14 (Mahali Pickle & Sundakkai Pickle -- Pickle Nation Chennai) ???

By ,

Mar 20, 2017