Rewind With Rakhee highlights different food trends of the 20th century from across the globe. Host & Chef Rakhee Vaswani recreates some classics trends and adds her own modern twist to them.


World War II And Post-Partition Food In 1940s India

Chef Rakhee rewinds to the 1940s and revisits post partition India and recreates the magic of Tandoor with Smoked Tandoori Chicken, followed by World War II rationing recipe Apple Crumble and a Mathura Pedha Choco Truffle.

Love Affair With Biscuits In 1940s India

As an ode to the biscuit industry rise in the 1940s, Chef Rakhee Vaswani makes Parmesan Short Bread Canapes. Then, she takes us through on how to make delicious Rum Ball Cake Pops. Lastly, a very special guest on the show joins Rakhee to make Sindhi Kadhi with her.

Exploring The Club And Gymkhana Culture Of 1950s India

Chef Rakhee Vaswani revisits the Club and Gymkhana cultures of 1950s, and whips up a filling and scrumptious Gourmet Club Sandwich. Then, talking about the popularity of instant soup mixes and making cooking easy, Chef Rakhee prepares Soup Mix Seared Veggies and Grilled Chicken. Finally, Malabari Paratha with Chicken Stew to call it an end.

The Rise Of Udipi Hotels In 1960s Indian Food

The rise of the Udipi hotels in the Swinging 60s get a homage through Rakhee’s Mango Payassam Panacotta. Then, Chef Rakhee talks about the accidental discovery of Surti Lochu. Lastly, she wraps things up with a very special Red Velvet Cake from the 60s.

Swinging Around The World In The Sixties

Chef Rakhee pays the perfect homage to the 60’s through some Chicken 65 Tarts. Then, as an ode to the popular chef Julia Child who introduced French cuisine in the US, Rakhee makes Coq Au Vin. Lastly, the immensely popular Banarasi Paan is the star ingredient in a Banarasi Paan Parfait.

The Green Revolution Arrives In 1960s India

The Green Revolution days of the 1960’s was also when the favourite Indian contraption - the pressure cooker - became a trend. Using this, Rakhee makes a lovely, pressure-cooked Haleem. This is followed by the trend of instant noodles that inspires Rakhee to make some Singapore Ramen Noodles, Finally, some mouth-watering Mangalorean Crab Curry with Kori Roti is cooked and served.


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Jan 31, 2017